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  •  Headline
  •  Openings
  •  Story
  •  Solution
  •  Benefits
  •  Offer
  • Testimonial
  •  Guarantee
  •  Call to action
  •  What they will loose/warning
  •  Call to action
  • Let's apply this to
  • You can use this formula for any kind of product..
  • Let's go..

(Story) Discover How A 27 Year Old Ifeanacho Emmanuel Makes 5 Million Naira Every Month Selling Shawarma & Cocktail In Agbor, Delta State.(Headline)

Isn't this incredible? A 27 year old reveals the tips and strategies that helps him make at least 5 Million Naira every month, selling Shawarma and cocktail in Agbor Delta state.......(opening)

I really felt pained over those years I wasted over 2 Million Naira trying different business and failing consistently..

From one business to the other..

I keep falling victim over and over of a failed business, no matter how hard I tried...

And that thought me a very important lesson, that's it's not just working hard alone,you need to also work smart

But after I discovered some secrets that 98% of people don't know about making massive sales in business even in a student environment,

It changed my business completely and raked in 5million naira for me in just 6months

Wouldn't you also like to put an end to your struggle of no sales and rake in huge cash?

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(The solution)

A friend of mine, Charles later introduced me to an online copywriting course.

Again, I didn’t have N20,000 to buy that course at that time. I only managed to save

N5,000 from my business back then before it failed.

So charles my friend borrowed me N15, 000 and I completed the training fee and bought

that course.

This Is What Changed Everything For Me

I began to study the course

After the last module on the course, I decided to test some of the strategies and methods I learnt for this sharwa idea business running through my minds

And that was the game changer, everything changed all of a sudden, a new ray of light finally beamed

It finally got dawned on me that I was doing it all wrong before,

I went ahead and shared this secrets to one of my friends, collins. After 30 days of

implementing this unique strategies, he came back full of joy of how he sold out 50pieces of his product, wrist watches that he kept in his house for inability to sell them off.

After trying out this methods and seeing that it truly works,I have decided to create a detailed video course on how I made 5million within 6months


By getting this course,you save yourself the heart attack of trial and error

You learn to make tonnes of cash without stress


Imagine that for a moment...

How would you feel,if making sales wasn't an issue anymore

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(Offer) 2 years of my sweat is inside what you're about to get..

You will achieve in less than 6 months what took me 5 years to achieve..

  1.  Inside the course you will get a 7 video step by step on EVERYTHING *******..
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I repeat don't buy this course if you're not ready to do what it takes,it's a waste of time and money

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